Immigration Law

The Immigration Law section, comprised of those with accredited specialist knowledge, provides assistance in all aspects of migration with much familiarity and experience in the most of common Australian migration avenues as well as the technical expertise of dealing with the most uncommon of migration avenues.

The firm acts for corporations both public and private, government instrumentalities, consulates and private individuals in relation to their migration matters and also acts as a consultant to numerous lawyers and migration agents.

The Immigration Law section is staffed by numerous registered migration agents and lawyers including those with Law Institute Accredited Specialist Solicitors in immigration law. One specialist lawyer is the current chairperson of the advisory committee in immigration law of the Specialisation Board of the Law Institute of Victoria whilst another is the a former head of the Refugee Review Tribunal and former a senior magistrate.

Practitioners in the Immigration Law division also lecture in immigration law at the College of Law and Justice, Victoria University and been involved in educating students of Australian immigration law for more than 14 years.

Immigration Compliance and Audit Requirements

FCG Legal’s Migration Group is able to assist business and companies with their compliance with migration laws and procedures, especially regarding the hiring of non-citizen personnel.

The Migration Act and Regulations are extremely prescriptive in nature and businesses need to ensure compliance with these regulations

FCG Legal’s Migration Group is able to assist with the audit of personnel files and systems to ensure compliance with the strict regulatory regime.

Feel free to contact us whether you are a prospective visa applicant seeking further information as to your options for migration or a practitioner seeking assistance in sophisticated and complex migration law issues.

The practice of our Registered Migration Agents are governed by the MARA Code of Conduct, a copy of which can be found at the following: